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Harnessing the power of AI, Upwex offers innovative tools that elevate your Upwork experience, amplifying your prospects for triumph. By enhancing your profile and augmenting your employability, Upwex effectively increases your likelihood of being hired.

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Virtual Sapiens AI

Virtual Sapiens AI specializes in offering tailored feedback and suggestions to improve your presentation skills, regardless of the occasion. Whether you’re getting ready for a crucial corporate gathering or a relaxed conversation, our platform is here to assist you.

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Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI, your AI copilot for spreadsheets, incorporates chatgpt technology to provide a myriad of functions. With just a click, it enables you to inquire about spreadsheet information, effortlessly tidy up data using text commands, utilize formula copilot, and even extract web content.

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With GPT-PPT, crafting professional PowerPoint presentations has never been easier. This tool enables you to generate fully editable presentations on any given topic effortlessly.

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Kwirk supercharges productivity with its suite of AI-supported tools, providing effective summarizing, personal AI coaching, and logical document management.