List of Artificial Intelligence Tools

Present a Ai Tools List collection of diverse AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools associated with AI, OpenAI, ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4 in a directory format.


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Luma AI Video Generator Free Online Powered By Dream Machine

Create captivating videos from text and images with Luma AI Video Generator Instantly.
Luma AI Video Generator Free Online Powered By Dream Machine
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X Detector

X Detector is a multilingual AI content detection tool crafted to recognize content generated by leading AI models. It supports AI detection in over a dozen languages with impressive accuracy. This tool is an excellent aid for your writing needs.
X Detector
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Still hiring humans? Switch to — the AI-driven voice assistant that transforms small business operations! Set up your virtual secretary in less than 5 minutes and supercharge your customer service around the clock.
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Easiio Sflow ChatAI

Generative AI ChatBot, Agents and Data Analytics for business
Easiio Sflow ChatAI
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NoteVocal is an audio transcription app utilizing the OpenAI Whisper API. Users can either upload audio files of up to 25MB or directly record themselves in the browser of their choice. 50+ custom styles are available – more being added daily (or choose your own). Export notes to WhatsApp, as a PDF, or via email.
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BrokerCompare uses AI to match you with loans and manage the application process, allowing you to compare loans 50% faster.
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Oliv AI

Oliv eliminates forecast call stress with unmatched pipeline visibility, daily deal guidance, and tailored rep coaching. Syncs seamlessly with your CRM and updates BANT/MEDDIC scorecards, ensuring confidence and precision in your sales management strategy.
Oliv AI
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Hey! I’m Yatter, your advanced Telegram assistant. I can process voice messages, read text in images, provide weather insights, analyze short PDFs, and offer quick, concise info under 500 characters. Want more?

AI Assistant Tools


Storefries is a Powerful Social Media Automation Tool, that you can now spend more time doing what you do best – running your business – and less time on social media. We take care of the content for you with our powerful features, like AI Post Ideas, Curating Content, Plan and Schedule Posts, and Engagement, Analytics


Welcome to WeMate, a groundbreaking app designed to provide you with an unparalleled companionship experience. Imagine having an AI partner who understands you, supports you, and is always there, day and night, wherever you are. That’s what WeMate is all about. Sexy virtual girlfriend – WeMate
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Named by AI

Named by AI is an AI-powered baby name generator.
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Review Bomb Me

Review Bomb Me is software for managing customer reviews, helping businesses monitor and respond to customer feedback effectively.
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With ChatPDF, navigating through a PDF document becomes as effortless as having a conversation, as it enables you to engage in chat discussions with any PDF file.
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StupidGPT playfully produces a plethora of unreliable information about individuals, locations, or facts, serving as an amusing reminder for us to consistently authenticate our sources.
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Outer Voice AI

Outer Voice is the coach that incorporates AI technology to assist you, but with an added unique aspect.
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TheLoops revolutionizes CX operations by providing real-time insights on customers, agents, and products to Support and Success leaders.
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AI Audio Tools

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NoteVocal is an audio transcription app utilizing the OpenAI Whisper API. Users can either upload audio files of up to 25MB or directly record themselves in the browser of their choice. 50+ custom styles are available – more being added daily (or choose your own). Export notes to WhatsApp, as a PDF, or via email., Multimodal AI music generator, your quick and unique music creation solution. Designed to make ‘Mixing’ music into various creative works a breeze. Input your idea as text, image, or sound, and instantly get up to four tailored tracks. It allows anyone to effortlessly mix ideas into music, regardless of their musical expertise or creative challenges. Ideal for YouTubers, podcasters, and game developers, offers copyright-free music, ensuring hassle-free usage. Elevate your content with this CES 2023 and GDA 2024 recognized tool.

Alex Gen

Convert text to lifelike speech for various applications. Ideal for creating voiceovers, e-learning materials, and advertising. Offers a wide range of voices, languages, and accents. Customize voice settings to meet specific needs. Generate high-quality speech from text for various needs. Choose from over 1000 natural-sounding voices. Listen to each voice for free to choose the right one. A practical and versatile text-to-speech solution. Make content more accessible and engaging with high-quality speech generation. Perfect for creating voiceovers, e-learning materials, and advertising. A comprehensive text-to-speech converter offering a wide range of voices and accents. Ideal for video makers, educators, and marketers.
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Coqui employs generative AI to create an open-source platform for free speech, democratizing voice technology.
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blubi AI

blubi AI creates interactive AI-driven chatbots, enhancing user engagement and showcasing value in a unique way.
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Wellsaidlabs optimizes the voice production process by utilizing captivating text-to-speech technology, resulting in cost reduction and improved audio quality.
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Ai|coustics transforms your audio content by elevating speech quality to studio-level with minimal effort, enhancing your audio projects.
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Muzaic Studio

Muzaic Studio specializes in producing custom AI-generated music, fully protected by copyright, to complement your videos.
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AI Business Tools

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BrokerCompare uses AI to match you with loans and manage the application process, allowing you to compare loans 50% faster.
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Oliv AI

Oliv eliminates forecast call stress with unmatched pipeline visibility, daily deal guidance, and tailored rep coaching. Syncs seamlessly with your CRM and updates BANT/MEDDIC scorecards, ensuring confidence and precision in your sales management strategy.

We market brand through ai


LinkActions is a fully-automated internal linking tool for your website.It uncovers the internal links that people are missing out on so that they can rank higher on Google and boost their organic traffic. Unlike other tools that only work for WordPress, LinkActions works with any web platform.This means users using Webflow, Shopify, Ghost, Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, etc can now organize and automate internal linking for their entire website.How does it work: 1. Input your website’s domain and LinkActions automatically scans all of your site’s content 2. Add our JS snippet to your website’s header 3. LinkActions find all the high quality internal links you’re missing out on 4. Choose which suggestions you like 5. LinkActions automatically creates these internal links for you 6. LinkActions will continually monitor your site so that when you publish new content, new internal link suggestions are added and you are notified.


Discover the latest and greatest AI tools, all in one place at AIGCLIST. Submit your own AI creations for free and get featured to reach a wider audience. Explore a curated collection of cutting-edge AI apps across multiple industries.


Vidnoz AI is a free AI-powered video creation platform, streamlining video production with a suite of AI-driven tools. Offering over 300 lifelike avatars, 350+ pre-designed video templates, and an extensive selection of 470+ realistic AI voices across multiple languages and styles. Vidnoz AI empowers individuals, teams and organizations to create videos quickly and easily at scale through a diverse set of AI-powered tools and features. Owing to its user-friendly interface and ease of use, every user can create free AI videos in 1 minute at Vidnoz AI.

Loman AI

Loman is an AI phone answering and website chat platform that can take calls, chat with customers on your website, and capture inbound leads anytime, day or night, even when you can’t. Loman can converse with a prospective customer, route calls, generate quotes and estimates, answer questions, and do anything a human sales agent can do.
b2b rocket

B2B Rocket

B2B Rocket emerges as a groundbreaking sales automation platform, revolutionizing the way businesses approach their sales processes. At its core, this innovative platform is fueled by advanced proprietary AI agents, designed to expertly navigate through the entire sales lifecycle. From the initial stage of lead generation to the critical point of conversion, B2B Rocket ensures … Read more
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AI Code Tools



Keploy presents itself as a functional testing toolkit specifically designed for developers, streamlining the creation and management of end-to-end (E2E) tests for APIs. This toolkit introduces an innovative approach to API testing, focusing on efficiency and practicality. Here’s a closer look at Keploy’s features: Generation of End-to-End Tests (KTests): Keploy automatically generates comprehensive E2E tests … Read more
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GooseAI provides NLP-as-a-Service through its API, delivering managed solutions for natural language processing. It offers language models based on GPT and ensures quick project execution at an affordable cost.
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Gooey AI

Gooey AI simplifies the process of discovering, tweaking, and composing AI workflows with a low-code platform.
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Sagify offers a streamlined solution for training and deploying Machine Learning and Deep Learning models on AWS Sagemaker. This command-line tool simplifies and enhances the process, making it more user-friendly and efficient.
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SDF is a next-generation build system for data infrastructure. It’s a tool that can help data scientists and engineers streamline their workflows.
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Berri AI

Berri AI accelerates the process of creating and implementing ChatGPT, GPT-3, and LLM Apps, simplifying the development and deployment of applications.
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Sttabot transforms your prompts into incredible AI applications, effortlessly transforming your ideas into reality.
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Just one line of code is all it takes for Helicone to simplify GPT-3 monitoring. It offers a dashboard view, making GPT-3 activity easily accessible.
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AI Design Tools

Hiding Elephant

HidingElephant is the #1 AI logo design tool for professional designers. Quickly turn text prompts into logos, easily convert designs to vectors, and generate multiple concepts from one idea. It’s ideal for designers seeking efficient, creative solutions for contests, client work, and team projects.
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With the help of AI-powered design generator, Xinva turns your creative ideas into tangible reality. Effortlessly create breathtaking designs using Xinva’s innovative platform.
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Genie – Figma

Genie – Figma simplifies your design and content creation process, boosting productivity and creativity.
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Unleash your inner artist with ArtroomAI, creating stunning AI art without the need for coding skills.
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Pixelicious is a cutting-edge tool that transforms images into pixel art, offering distinctive components for the creation of games.
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Namecheap Logo Maker

Namecheap Logo Maker generates hundreds of logos to download for free.
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Libraire is a colossal collection of AI-generated images, providing an extensive database of millions of distinctive images and prompts created using Stable Diffusion. It offers a user-friendly search functionality for easy access to these remarkable creations.
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Anime Ai Art

Anime Ai Art is a design tool that offers anime enthusiasts and artists the ability to create anime-inspired artwork using powerful artificial intelligence algorithms. It operates on a freemium model, providing both free and premium features.
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AI Education Tools

AI Humanize

Rewrite your text with AI Humanizer: make your content undetectable

Coloring Pages Generator

Best Coloring Pages Generator for your Children.

IELTS Writing Pro

1 IELTS Writing Checker. IELTS Writing Pro offers detailed feedback and realistic band estimations for both Academic and General Training IELTS writing. Choose from over 250 exam questions or use your own. Perfect for IELTS candidates seeking expert guidance.

Emily Johnson

Litero is an Al co-writer tool that helps student research, write, paraphrase, cite and format their essays and papers effortlessly in one convenient text editor. Litero is created specifically for students and is powered by latest ChatGPT Al.

Gilles Barnier

QuizMixer empowers users to create, share and analyse auto-generated quizzes from YouTube videos or text, Quizmixer is using top of the notch AI existing technologies to provide the best learning experience through quizzes, providing high quality questions and answers, a comprehensive social sharing module and an analytics dashboard for every quiz.

Magic Tellers

Bespoke stories for your children incorporating the most innovative educational methods on the planet.
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Ordinary People Prompts

Ordinary People Prompts fuels imagination by allowing you to generate, rate, and engage in discussions about your preferred AI prompts.
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Prompt Attack

Prompt Attack serves as an all-in-one platform catering to your AI interaction requirements by facilitating the buying and selling of AI prompts. This marketplace ensures a seamless experience for users seeking prompt solutions.
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