audio, Multimodal AI music generator, your quick and unique music creation solution. Designed to make ‘Mixing’ music into various creative works a breeze. Input your idea as text, image, or sound, and instantly get up to four tailored tracks. It allows anyone to effortlessly mix ideas into music, regardless of their musical expertise or creative challenges. Ideal for YouTubers, podcasters, and game developers, offers copyright-free music, ensuring hassle-free usage. Elevate your content with this CES 2023 and GDA 2024 recognized tool.

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Convert text to lifelike speech for various applications. Ideal for creating voiceovers, e-learning materials, and advertising. Offers a wide range of voices, languages, and accents. Customize voice settings to meet specific needs. Generate high-quality speech from text for various needs. Choose from over 1000 natural-sounding voices. Listen to each voice for free to choose the right one. A practical and versatile text-to-speech solution. Make content more accessible and engaging with high-quality speech generation. Perfect for creating voiceovers, e-learning materials, and advertising. A comprehensive text-to-speech converter offering a wide range of voices and accents. Ideal for video makers, educators, and marketers.

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Supertranslate is a cutting-edge audio tool powered by OpenAI’s Whisper. It effortlessly creates English subtitles for videos in over 100 languages. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily enhance any video with English subtitles with just a single click. Take advantage of the free trial and experience the convenience of Supertranslate today.