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Ludo is an exceptional tool for game design, leveraging artificial intelligence to create game elements, gather valuable insights, and generate innovative ideas.

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Scenario is a platform that revolutionizes virtual experiences by creating 3D simulations. It uses AI to generate game assets, ensuring high-quality, style-consistent games.

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Color Pop

Color Pop enhances your coloring experience by providing intelligent drawing recommendations, injecting a vibrant and enjoyable twist to your leisure activity.

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Saga redefines the gaming experience by introducing an AI-powered text RPG. This innovative blend of AI technology and classic RPG features allows players to immerse themselves in an on-demand gaming adventure like no other.

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AI Roguelite

AI Roguelite brings forth an unparalleled gaming adventure, propelled by artificial intelligence, that immerses players in a captivating RPG world complete with various creatures, intricate crafting systems, exhilarating combat, and stunning illustrations. This game transcends traditional gaming, elevating the overall experience to uncharted heights.