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Caktus provides students with AI solutions to simplify their academic workload. From essay writing and discussing questions to offering general coding assistance and professional job application support, Caktus aims to make school work more feasible for students.

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PharmaTrace utilizes data-based techniques to enhance patient care by accurately forecasting and effectively managing chronic diseases in healthcare settings.

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Jokelub is a humor platform that provides AI-generated jokes, designed to bring a bit of fun and cheer. It’s an ideal choice for individuals seeking laughter or a speedy pick-me-up.

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ResumeCheck harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize resumes, eradicate any mistakes, and transform job applications into attention-grabbing documents. By doing so, it significantly elevates one’s career potential and boosts the chances of securing desired employment opportunities.

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Yoodli AI

Yoodli AI boosts your communication skills by providing personalized feedback from its AI speech coach. Elevate your public speaking capabilities with Yoodli AI’s assistance.